"Costume sur scène"

Costume, performance, video.
Video and photographies from Ferran Mesa Turó.

I have spent six weeks in the department of textile design of my school La Cambre as a part of my curriculum (as an internship). I worked on textile design during this period and i ended producing this creation. The result is not the pictures, it is not the creation of the costume neither, but the technic itself : I created a costume on the body. I spent four hours knitting elastic wires on the volume of the body from the neck to the feet.

I decided to make this performance on a stage of theater because i wanted to make a work about my role of scenographer. As scenographer I can only create serving an other artist (a metteur en scène, comedians, an artist who want to exhibit, a director, etc). I wondered how I could create something by myself, directing my own idea. I have already done this with photography, video, painting, drawing, but i could not do it for scenography because scenography exists only throught a piece of theater or a movie (or else). Here I put the work of costume on a special place : it is on stage, as a performance, as a show of theater. It is what the public does not see usually. We could do this for an other profession saying : "look, it is a show".

The esthetic comes from the micro cells and the body tissue, which is, somehow, textile also. The costume is nothing without the body because it has to be alive. That is interesting to me to see that it is still dependant of the actress and dependent of time because it is nothing without time also, as performance. I tried to see if my profession could have an independence, but it is not possible, all is dependent on everything, and it is not a bad thing, it is a very good thing.