"Mourir et pourrir"

Photography, scenography, performance.

I am here representing a mental space which sets in my memory. It is a lost scene which i could never remember but I can create this memory with the help of theater. I am showing a dream which I supposely have made when I was a child. My mother told me about this story which I will never forget. In the dream there was a human being which was thrown to the garbadge. The pictures stage myself as a child and myself at the age I was when I took the picture. I was rewinding my dream somehow : I was picking up the child inside of the garbage to take her out of the grey space. The space is grey, dirty and dusty, it symbolises the death state and rottenness. These fears are very present in my life now.

The scenography is a simple piece of paper of four meters high on seven meters large which I painted with black and white acrylic paintings. It was important to me to be really acting in the staging to get a real impact on my awake life and my inconscient also, somehow.

Drawing :
The making of the set :