"Amores Perros"

Scenography and costumes.

"Amores perros" is a studient movie from the insas cinema school of Brussels. Mathilde Glorian, Léa Vayrou and I have made the scenography and the costumes as a part of the cursus of LaCambre. The movie is a "remake" of the movie "Amores Perros" from Alejandro González Iñárritu, it was not a perfect copy of the movie but a re-interpretation of it.

We built the two rooms of the brothers, the kitchen of the family, and a corridor in a studio; and we made a laundry in a cave and a parking. All the rooms of the appartment were communicating and there was at least one removable wall for each room. We also created a painting representing the outside landscape of an HLM housing, it is five meters large on three meters high. This was for the background of the wondow of the kitchen.

There was five different studient directors for the same movie who split the sequences. It was very interesting to try to make one main set gathering different styles of work. We chosed the costumes for each of the four main characters. We spent four months to plannify and create the set and to choose the costumes. The filming lasted two weeks.

Octavio's room :
The kitchen :
The kitchen at night :
Ramiro's room :
The corridor :
The parking :
The laundry :
The making of the set :