"L'histoire du soldat"
project of scenography and costumes.

This work is part of the curriculum of the schol of La Cambre. We had to imagine the scenography and the costumes for the opera "L'histoire du soldat" from Stravinsky, working with the metteur en scène Luc de Wit, teaching in LASSAAD, a theater school of Brussels. The show is supposed to be performed in the KVS, a theater of Brussels.

In my project, the scenography was a large cone which is representing the inside of the body of the character of the soldier, so his mental too, being contaminated by the devil. The devil is represented by five acrobats. The cone has a steel skeleton and a skin made of textile woven. For some parts, the weave was large so the comedians could pass throught and disappear from the scneography (on the sides and on the top), some other parts are dense so the comedians can walk on it (the floor), and some parts are made of trampoling textile for the comedians to be able to jump. On the weave there accumulated and tangled trings which represent the disease, the devils are tangling the strings during the show. The soldier falls inside of the strings and try to catch the devils but they escape easily. The soldier cannot go out of the cage-cone. There was also strings which could be used for circus technics by the devils to jump, climb and disappear.

The costume : The soldier is first dressed as the buto dancers (a white briefs and white painting all over the body). At one point of the show, when the soldier enriches, he adds golden joils (necklaces, bracelets, a helmet...) which make his movements harder as if he got old. Then, when he meets the princess, he takes off the joils be the white painting got damaged because of the joils, as if he had scars. The devils are dressed like insects. And the princess is painted with blue painting such as some gods and acording to some beliefs about the representation of the bleu or purple colour. She also wears a lot of joils but hers are made of cheap materials which the children like. She represents all what the soldier lost little by little.

All those representations are free and I tried to make a scenography that the public can construe however he wants.

The musician are placed in the packground of the scenography, we can see them in the middle of the visual field. Behind of them, there is a screen where a light is spreading to create different colour ambiances. It could represent a window on the outside, the death or what is before the birth. So each direction of the cone (the musicians and the public) can represent the death or what is before the birth, the life is in between.

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