"Huis-clos" cinéma
Project of scenography.

This is an exercise for the school of La Cambre : an adaptation of "Huis-clos" from Jean-Paul Sartre for the cinema. We had to choose the scenography and the costumes for two sequences. The two sequences were the moment before the begining of the text of Sartre (so we had to imagine a scenario for this part) and one extract from the text. I chosed the last time that the character of Inès can watch her world as a ghost before staying definively in hell. We also had to chose a hotel in Brussels to work about it as if we were going to film inside of it.

In my version, the first sequence before the story shows Garcin walking in the street to go to the hotel, then he enters the hotel, and le garçon brings him to the room. For the sequence of the room I chosed to show Inès going to her rememberance through the door of the closet. The idea was to create her room behind the closet and to make it change and disappear while the camera is filming. I wanted to make move the wall of the back to the front and to make disappear the furnitures through the floor thanks to a hatch. The camera does not follow Inès in the bedroom, but stays inside of the room of hell. At the end of the sequence, when the room disappear from the closet, Inès is pushed back to the room of hell.