"Huis-clos" théâtre
Project of scenography and costumes.

This is an exercise for the school of La Cambre : an adaptation of "Huis-clos" from Jean-Paul Sartre for theater. We had to imagine this set in the room of the KVS.

In my scenography I chosed to use an esthetic of abandoned places. I wanted the audience to feel in danger and in a harsh environment to represent the hell of Sartre. In the philosophy of Sartre, the hell and the death are metaphores to tell about a state of mind. I have been also interested a lot on the esthetic of sciences to can represent mental disease and rot.

When the audience enters the theater, there is already a harsh ambiance spread everywhere in the coridors and in the stairs (thanks to eletrical cables, trashes, games of light etc...). Then, in the room of the KVS, the trashes are still present on the floor, the roof and the stage. There is a room on stage represented with three raw panels (no realistic patina). Each panel is covered of closets, we can see that the set is fake, we can see the back of the closets and the technical side of the set. During the show, the characters are trying to go out throught the doors of the closets but there are always a lot of trashes falling throught the closets pushing them back to the room, and the trashes full the room until they have difficulties to walk. Le garçon is fulling the closets of trashes when they are empty. The trashes represent the feelings of the characters, and their past burdens. The set is fake and the trashes are in the theater institution to show that the story of hell that Sartre tells about is really existing, it is talking about the audience.

All the characters are represented with two actors to increase the effect of the social bihaviours.

The bronze sculpture of the text of Sartre is made with voodoo dolls : three voodoo dolls, representing the three characters sticked together). The characters struck hatpins on the sculpture.

The characters can go back to their life on earth through cables and electricity, and they tell what they see. But as they are doubled, one of them is closing the eyes and telling what he/she sees thanks to the cables; in the meanwhile the other actor is playing on stage what he/she sees and do like a somnambulist.

At the end of the show the comedians begin again the show from the begining from the first sentence.

Researches with the help of magasines of science from 2000 :
The set at the begining of the show, and at the end of the show :
Researches of ambiance and set :
Model :