"Le chapiau"
technic : stitch and assembly.
materials : fabric, haberdashery and objects/accessories.
2,90 x 1,10 meters.

This work represents a hopscotch on which I gathered objects placing them according to the schema of a tale. The tale is an adaptation of "Le petit poucet" from Charles Perrault, it is the tale of the life of my mother. One year during I have collected real stories from the past of my mother throught questions I asked to her, and witness objects of this story.

Some objects are really the ones she used in the past (like the photography films) but most of the objects are recreations that I have made of the lost objects of her life. The sentences which I collected from our conversations are written on papers and placed under each object it refer to.

This work is theatrical because it uses symbolic objects to build a story. It is also performative because fifty percent of the creation is contained in the work of collection that I have done before the installation making. Furthermore, it is theatrical and performative also in the sense that what I have done was such as a magical and psychological action produced to have impacts on present life : I was ordering the life of my mother. So, at the same time, I was ordering my own past, and I got aware of the consequences of the story of my genealogical tree.