Scenography and costumes.
mise en scène from Alexandre Aflalo.
Light from Juan Borrego.

"Non-dits" is a show from the collective "Who's who" of the comedians Dominique Pattuelli and Marcha Van Boven. They asked me and Mathilde Glorian (also a studient in scenography) to continue a scenoraphy that Florine Delory made. There was five costumes (the doctor and the administration worker, a santa Claus costume and the two sister's costumes), a rolling table, a rolling chair, and a light from hospital cabinets. Mathilde and I created a set made of transparent strips and we re-created the chair, the costumes of the doctor and the one of the administration, and we modified the table, the cabinet light and the costume of santa claus.

It was interesting to revisit the esthetic of an other scenographer and share her own langage with our own worlds. We played with the notion of transparence instead of using the black and white draws there was before, but we kept the pattern that the actresses liked a lot. We used the transparence of the plastic and the transparence created with the use of the black to create an ambiance which matches with the subject of the show : lack of communication between human beings. The forest of plastic of the background is moving when the actresses play with it, they use it to disappear and appear, and to separate each other while they talk. It represents a mental space.

The doctor and the administration worker are fantasms. The doctor is like a Gorgon with a medicis collar made of snakes. The administratrice is swimming in her papers which force her chin to be right up and look like a jabot.

Draws :
3d of the set :